Roberta Morris

Portrait photo of Roberta Morris

Hi! My name is Roberta Morris and I’m a San Francisco-based artist and designer. Using the moniker Fun-o-matics, I conceptualize and design graphics that embellish a variety of products from T-shirts to coffee mugs—creating fun, iconic brands.

An Art Director by trade, I have over 20 years of professional design experience in print and interactive. I have extensive experience conceptualizing, designing, packaging, branding, and creating promotional materials for a variety of products and companies. As a result, my style tends to be graphic, colorful, and iconic, with themes that vary concept-to-concept—for optimal freshness! Finding inspiration in a variety of places (my surroundings, a passing thought, a road trip, or even my own (polyester) wardrobe) means I’m always thinking of new ideas to bring to the table.

My mission with Fun-o-matics is simple: to design and produce fun, light-hearted products that say, “I look on the bright side and I’m not ashamed to admit it!”

Take a look at my collections. I hope you like ‘em!

Roberta Morris Founder/Designer Fun-o-matics: More fun than should be allowed by law…